Technical Reports

Technical report 2019:1  Working on a warming planet

This technical report presents a 2019 study on the impact of the heat stress on labour productivity and decent work.


Technical report 2017:1  Heat Exposure and Effects on Productivity at a Garment Factory

This technical report presents a 2017 pilot study on heat exposure in a garment factory in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


Technical report 2014:4  Occupational Heat Stress: Contribution to WHO project on “Global assessment of the health impacts of climate change”, December 2014

This technical report presents a global occupation heat stress assessment for a WHO project, which started in 2009.


Technical report 2014:3  Hothaps-Soft: A tool for the estimation and analysis of local climate and population heat exposure, September 2014

This technical report describes the background, development philosophy and features of Hothaps-Soft and contrasts it to other software tools in that field.


Technical report 2014:2 Threats to occupational health, labor productivity and the economy from increasing heat during climate change, December 2014

This technical report presents a summary of the threat of climate change to global health, sustainable development and social equity from an occupational health perspective.


Technical report 2014:1 Hothaps Program Update, June 2014

This technical report presents progress on the Hothaps (High Occupational Temperature: Health and Productivity Suppression) program for assessment and prevention of impacts of climate conditions and climate change on working people.